Accreditation, Saxon Silver & 50,000 steps....!

It has been an incredibly busy and exciting start to the summer for the team at the Old Gaol, and in turn the community at large.

We begin by celebrating our award as an Arts Council of England Accredited Museum.  This ranking puts us on a par with the likes of the British Museum as it ensures that we maintain a nationally agreed set of standards regarding management, curation and care of exhibits as well as the services we offer to the public. We are delighted with this recognition and invite you to come and share in our success by making a visit and seeing our remarkable exhibits and collections.

The museum also eagerly anticipates the arrival of its share of the Saxon coins from the now globally famous 'Lenborough Hoard' which we will display with great pride.  Special thanks must be extended to the people of the town who contributed so generously to the fundraising activities of 2016...Your efforts and support paid off as this unique discovery, local to this area, is now secured as one for the future.

Finally, we took great pride in supporting the Maids Moreton Archaeological Group in preparation for the summer excavations.  Our trustees and members learned a great deal about geophysics and the raw power of the sun as they paced a field for 4 days in +25 degree heat collecting data to determine where this years excavation efforts should be focused. 

With an exciting range of summer activities and events planned, come along and see us to learn and experience the rich history of this town, and how you might be able to help us do more...

June 2017